Last week, we gave you 10 'This Or That' questions and had you pick your favorite from two Upstate New York things. The votes have been tallied, and here are the results...

We're not going to waste anytime, we're going to jump right into this. Here they are the 10 questions and which item, place, or thing got the most votes.

1. You can only shop at one of these places for the rest of your life: Hannaford or Price Chopper?
WINNER: Price Chopper with 58% of the votes.

2. Spend a week in one of these areas: Old Forge or Lake George?
WINNER: Old Forge with 68% of the votes.

3. Pick a food truck: Come Fry with Me or Holy Smoques BBQ Fusion?
WINNER: Come Fry with Me with 59% of the votes.

4. Which place are you going to for delicious desserts: Bite Bakery and Cafe or Caruso's Cafe?
WINNER: Bite Bakery with 65% of the votes.

5. Where are you going for a weekend getaway: Darien Lake Theme Park or Enchanted Forest Water Safari?
WINNER: BOTH!! It was a tie with both attractions getting exactly 50% of the votes.

6. Pick a treat: Pusties or Half Moon Cookies?
WINNER: Half Moon Cookies with 77% of the votes.

7. Where are you going for ice cream: Nicky Doodles or Bonomo's Dari Creme?
WINNER: Bonomo's Dari Creme with 59% of the votes.

8. What area are you going to visit: Syracuse or Albany?
WINNER: Syracuse with 73% of the votes.

9. Best place to eat: Symeon's Greek Restaurant or Georgio's Village Cafe?
WINNER ***It was a close one: Symeon's with 54% of the votes.

10. Which college: Utica College or Herkimer County Community College?
WINNER: Utica College with 84% of the votes.

***voting percentages were rounded to the nearest whole number. All except the Darien Lake or Enchanted Forest question - That was straight 50/50 in the voting. No rounding either way.


Thank you to everyone who voted and took part in our little "This or That" game. We hope you had fun. And we think we may have to play another round of "This or That" sometime soon. Thanks again!




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