Historic newsreel footage from 1951 shows Utica in the midst of a mock atomic bomb attack.

Described as the largest nuclear bomb test of its kind in America, the drill attempted to replicate what would happen if an air raid was conducted on "one of New York's most important industrial cities."

The test is indeed an historical reality. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists noted in their June 10, 1991 issue, that three day air defense tests were held in Utica and Niagara Falls in 1951 and state officials felt ill prepared to deal with an actual atomic bomb attack.

The newsreel begins with people fleeing for shelters down Genesee Street. Locations shown in the video that are still identifiable include Oneida Square and the Triangle building at Genesee and Washington Streets downtown.

The short :60 clip concludes with the statement that state officials felt they were not fully prepared and help would be needed from communities as far as 100 miles away, as a vehicle from the Willowvale Fire Department rolls by.

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