A Facebook page that started out as a joke between a group of friends has influenced more than 20 thousand members over the span of four years.

Today, the admins of the Utica Area Restaurant Review posted for the final time and the page has been archived.

The page was created with the purpose of sharing experiences from any Utica Area Restaurant (both the good and the bad,) as a guide to help other diners find great new places to eat, a way to help restaurants understand their shortcomings and a way to boost our local economy, according to the page.

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Creator of the page, Tommy Lamach, posted the final message for members this morning.

Credit: UARR
Credit: UARR

With this page being hosted on a social media platform, it does open that space for large amounts of negativity. You see so many people who have no issue posting problems that they have on social media pages, but you know those same exact people would never say the same words out loud.

With the good comes the bad, but it looks like the bad got the best of it.

We're sad that the page is shutting down, but the reasoning is totally understandable. If you need some recommendations for dining out in the future, looks like you'll need to search elsewhere.

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