The players on the Utica College softball team put some hard work in this past weekend in order to make a difference in their community. In partnership with the Oneida County Youth Bureau's Fall Intergenerational Clean Up, the girls helped rake leaves, clear debris, and tidy up the homes of two elderly Utica residents.

According to Head Softball Coach Pat Mineo,

Every year, twice a year (once in fall and once in spring), the Youth Bureau asks local community groups to help out  and clean up the yards of our elderly neighbors. All in all the girls have fun and the elderly get a helping hand in keeping their property clean.

Not only has Utica College seen success in the last few months with the tuition reduction and continued athletic success, but it's nice to know these good deeds happen. Sometimes these things get done without any recognition at all. To these dedicated student athletes, it's just something they enjoy doing. That speaks volumes for the reputation of one of our hometown colleges.

Photos from the Fall Clean Up 2015

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