A couple from Utica who were dealing with some hard times, can now rest a little easier thanks to one company's generosity and kindness.

A few years ago, things were going pretty good for Diana Carlson and her husband. They had just spent quite a bit of money on home improvements (putting in 22 new windows into their 100-year-old house and adding a new porch). Although it was a big expense, it was needed and didn't put them in a pinch...

But shortly after that, things started going downhill. One of their vehicles had to be junked, which meant purchasing a vehicle and having a car payment again. It wasn't the ideal situation, but it was fine... for the time being. Three months after that, Diana found out she needed to have cataract surgery on both eyes. It was another unexpected bill, but they were still going to be okay. And then the breaking point hit. Less than a month after that, the other vehicle the couple owned (the one that was paid off) had its engine seize. It was just one thing after another.

The bad news couldn't continue though, some good news had to come from all this... And it did. The company Diana works for found out about everything and decided to help out. Her two bosses (who happen to be brother and sister), handed her the keys to a small pickup truck they were no longer using. A vehicle in great shape with no payments, to help her and her husband out. Diana says,

I just did not know what to say!! So I am saying it now. No one has ever been this kind and loving to me in my life outside of my family and my husband. I am grateful everyday that I am able to get up and come into work for these amazing, loving people.

What an awesome act of kindness for this Utica couple who had fallen on hard times. It's so great to hear that there are still good people out there, and good companies that care about their employees, and about people in the community.

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