Sometimes being a single Mom isn't easy. In Central New York, one mom is extremely happy, and grateful, for the amazing people at DeNicola Photography.

One Mom wrote us explaining how she has been a single mother since March of 2017. Obviously being a single parent is never easy. She explained to use that life has been a struggle emotionally, and financially, for her two young daughters. As school picture day approached for one of her daughters, she was nervous on how to pay for the photos. That's when she found a wonderful gift from DeNicola's.

While checking my daughter's folder I came across a gift certificate for a free portrait package. It was from DeNicola Photography. I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. I couldn't believe their generosity and kindness. There are people out there that care, even strangers."

This local Mom wanted to thank DeNicola Photography for brightening their day and giving her daughter a real reason to say "cheese."


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