Could gondola lifts one day transport people through the skies of Utica from downtown north a quarter-mile to the Harbor Point area? The Utica Observer-Dispatch reported on Common Council member has floated the idea.

This would not be the city's first foray into obscure ski lodge inspired transportation. After all, the city owns a ski lift at the Val Bialas Sports Center.

Here are 4 more crazy forms of transportation the city could experiment with.

  • The Other Kind of Gondola

    For a city that prides itself on its Italian heritage, this is a no-brainer. Bring in Venice-style gondolas to ply the Erie Canal from the Utica Marina to the Utica Marsh landing at the end of old Barnes Ave to Harbor Point.

    I can hear the gondoliers now, O Sole Mio 

    Marco Secchi/Getty Images
  • A Monorail

    Yes, of course, the Simpsons did it first. A monorail could carry Uticans high above the un-synced traffic lights of Genesee Street.

    Brendon Thorne/Getty Images
  • An Incline

    Today I learned that these things are actually called Funiculars. Pittsburgh has one. So does Johnstown, PA. Why not Utica? I could see an incline being very useful for WKTV and WUTR employees who have to battle driving up Smith Hill in winter trying to get to work.

    David McNew/Houlton Archive/Getty Images
  • A Hovercraft

    The only problem with all of these transportation ideas for Utica? They lack speed. How about a hovercraft tearing up the wake in the Utica Harbor?

    Dan Callister/Houlton Archive/Getty Images