There are a lot of advantages in Central New York in general and in the Mohawk Valley region specifically--great food, the Adirondacks, iconic waterways, festivals, fantastic people. But, here's a big question: What are we missing? What are some features, attractions, businesses, or activities we could use in our area?

We put it on Facebook: What do we need in Central New York that we don't have? Folks provided a blizzard of varied responses.

Ronnie Greher: "A practical and usable public transit system. It’s taxpayer funded, yet woefully inadequate for those who need it or choose to use it."

Shannon Nulty: "Nordstrom."

Dan Lansing: "Joe's Crab Shack and IKEA."

Joe Trisolino: "A bejeweled, golden statue of Genesee Joe?" Glad you made that a question mark, Joe.

Andrew Doc Berry: "Chromosomes."

Randy Beach: "Some sort of pro team." How about the Comets and Crunch? And the Orange hoops team plays like pros sometimes.

Colleen Cullen Richardson: "High speed train to NYC."

Jim Jerome: "Lower taxes and more cops."

Carolyn Maroney: "A beach." What's wrong with Sylvan Beach and the state parks at Green Lakes and Delta Lake?

Kathy Rowe: "A giant indoor water park."

Tim Julian: "Leadership." The former Utica mayor was strong in that department.

Kate Avissato: "Folks who don't run red lights."

John Brown: "Community involvement."

Brian Shoen: "Jobs."

Lesley Roberts: "Wine in grocery stores."

Thanks for all the responses, which are still piling up like the inches in a big winter storm. Feel free to add on.


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