How many times have you skipped a night on the town because you didn't have a designated driver, or you didn't want to take a cab home and leave your car behind?

A new service in Saratoga Springs solves that problem.

Founded by former taxi driver Tim Devizzio in January, 'Designated Drivers' will pick you up and drive you home in your own car, while a chase vehicle follows. That way your car and you both get home safely.

The service costs $20 for the first 7 miles, and every mile beyond that costs an additional $2. Devizzio says that price is about the cost of the average taxi ride, cheaper than the cost of a DWI and far less dangerous.

Devizzio spoke to WNYT news in Albany where he explained the service further:

"You just tell us what kind of vehicle you're driving, meet us right there at the car and we'll be there waiting for you. You don't get a DWI going home, your vehicle is home the next day. Plus, you're not paying a taxi twice to go back and forth [once to go home and once to pick up your car.]"

So far he says the response from local bar owners has been fantastic, and one establishment has even started promoting the service on their in-house TV's to make sure patrons know about and use the service.

How great would something like this be in Utica? Would you use it to keep yourself out of a potentially dangerous and illegal driving situation? Let us know if you like it in the comments section.

You can read the full story on the WNYT website.

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