No matter which side you're on, Niagara Falls is a spectacular sight. But really, which side is better?

First of all, Niagara Falls isn't just one giant waterfall - It's actually 3 sets of falls. There is the Horseshoe Falls, which is the biggest, and mainly on the Canadian side. There is the American Falls that are entirely on the American side. And there is also the Bridal Veil Falls, which is also on the American side, and happens to be the smallest of the falls.

With New York having the two sets of falls, you would guess that side would be the best for sightseeing, right? Well, we'll let you be the judge of that...

View of Niagara Falls From the American Side
Naomi Lynn/TSM

And this one...

The Canadian Side of Niagara Falls
Naomi Lynn/TSM

The first picture is from the American side, the second from the Canadian side. Judging from the photos it's pretty obvious which side has a better view. Not only the view, but the Canadian side seems more 'built up' - It looks almost like a mini-Las Vegas. There's shops and restaurants, water parks and arcades, and many, MANY other side attractions. The American side has a few shops, restaurants and such, but nothing compared to Canada.

Although if you're planning a trip to Niagara Falls, you should stop by both - the Canadian side and the New York side. They each have their unique points, and to cross the border and see both? Well, it's nothing more than having your passport or enhanced license, and a little more time.

Check out more pics from the falls below:



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