The Utica O-D's 200th Birthday Celebration has been rescheduled, so get ready to chow down on some Honest John's hot dogs.

Utica O-D 8/14/17
Utica Observer-Dispatch

After they postponed the original event (8/12/17) due to the threat of severe weather, the Observer-Dispatch staff quickly confirmed a new date for the bicentennial bash. The celebration will be held this Saturday from 11 to 3pm in the O-D parking lot.

Kidabaloo 2014 at the Hononegah High School dome.
Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

This rescheduled event will still feature live music from Showtime, free mini half-moons from Holland Farms Bakery for the first 600 guests, food trucks and beverages from Saranac available for purchase and activities for the kids. The big attraction is also still planned - the Honest John's Hot Dog Eating Contest. The prize for first place is $500.

Competitive Eaters Square Off At Fourth of July Hot Dog-Eating Contest
David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Be warned, there ARE "professional eaters" in Utica. Sure, you could say "aren't we all?" but the fact remains that you never know who your competition might be at this event.

There is limited parking on the streets around the O-D, but the APAC parking garage will also be open for parking during the birthday bash. You can find out more at the O-D's website.

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