Recently a list has made it's rounds on the internet titled "12 best food cities in Upstate New York, ranked." On this list, some how Utica and Rome didn't rank higher.

On this list, which was an opinion piece, Rome ranked number 9, while Utica ranked number 4.

Who was number one? Schenectady. HOW? How was Schenectady ranked number one?

I'm not trying to knock Schenectady. My parents live there, and the rest of my family lives in the Capital District......but really? Number one? I mean, it's a very beautiful part of Upstate New York for sure, but for food, is it really ranked as number one?

Whenever I go to visit my parents, I can honestly say I've never been blown away by the pizza, or much of anything. There is a really old Italian restaurant with massive servings that I was impressed with, but other than that, I can say I was let down. My parents will take us to chain places out there, hardly anything local.

How did Schenectady land number one?

Utica and Rome and hundreds of amazing places. Whether you're in the mood for Italian, or Italian, or some Italian food....Honestly, we have tons of other amazing options too. How did we land so high on the list? Home of the Chicken Riggies.....Home of the tomato pie........home of the Utica Greens......Home of the halfmoons......home of the turkey joints.

What food is Schenectady even known for? Give me a regional dish they are known for.....seriously. Try me. I can't find one thing.

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