Maybe it's the fact that the Utica-Rome Topix anonymous gossiping pages are the most active one in the nation, or maybe it's this nasty weather we're always plagued with, but after a Gallup 'wellbeing' poll, the Business Insider has ranked the Utica-Rome metro area the 11th most miserable city in the nation! Well, look at the bright side... We're not the worst. Yet.




The index was complied by randomly cold-calling 350,000+ adults in 189 U.S. metropolitan areas and asking them how they felt about life, emotional health, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors, and access to basic necessities. Based on these results, Lincoln NE is apparently the happiest city environment in the nation while Charleston WV has the honor of being at the bottom of the list. But lest we laugh, we're only a mere 10 spots up at #179 out of 189. Just for more perspective, the most popular vacation spot in many people's minds, Hololulu is #8! I would've thought they'd be at least in the top 3 much less #1!

Well, there you have it fellow Utica-Romans. As if you needed another reason to cry in your cheerios, or maybe throw them up against the wall! Careful though, we wanna get higher on this ladder not fall further on it! The good news is we DID score highest in terms of healthy behavior (things like smoking, exercise frequency and diet) and we've climbed a single rung since last year... Check out more details here and more specifics on how we measure up (or don't) here. Vacation anyone??