Finding something in your fast food bag that doesn't belong isn't unusual. An errant fry with your onion rings or even a mistaken order. But you won't believe what a Utica woman found in hers. What's more shocking is how she was treated when she went in to complain.

Chelsea Ambrose was surprised when she opened her fast food order. "I came home and found a steak knife in my bag."

If finding a used knife inside the bag wasn't strange enough Ambrose couldn't believe what she was told after trying to return it. "They told me they don't use knives there and the knife didn't come from there. They treated me like a common liar and told me to take the knife and throw it in the outside garbage."

Ambrose, who was outraged at how she was treated, made a call and says "a regional manager is supposed to be calling me. I'm just glad my daughter wasn't the one who opened the bag."

UPDATE: A regional manager did call Ambrose offering a refund and promising to look into the matter. "If they handled it that way in the first place I would of kept it to myself, but I was mortified by the way I was treated," says Ambrose. A knife is a pretty odd and dangerous thing to find and for them to not take it seriously, meant they wouldn't be more careful."

Chelsea Ambrose


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