It is obvious that COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on almost all industries, but tourism and entertainment especially. Utica Zoo is no exception.

In a release sent out Monday, Utica Zoo officials announced that their revenue is down over $1 Million for 2020. As they enter the winter season, it is a stark reality as their expenses far outweigh their revenue during these months. They are looking to other possible revenue streams to help stop the bleeding.

Due to the overwhelming surge in COVID-19 cases the zoo already had to cancel their holiday event, Bright Nights at The Utica Zoo. While they're still open for their regular visiting hours, the cold temperatures and alarming increase in cases will no doubt lead to a sharp decrease in attendees.

Utica Zoo officials announced that their 2021 Utica Zoo calendar is now available for purchase. In October 2020 the zoo began taking submissions from the community of their photos from the zoo or of the zoo's animals. After submissions were received, zoo officials say an independent panel of judges reviewed all the photos and made their determination as to which ones would make it into the pages of the calendar.

The proceeds from the sale of the calendars, produced by local partner PJ Green, will directly benefit the animals through the winter months. Mark Simon of Utica Zoo says, "It was wonderful to receive so many photo submissions for the calendar and to be able to see the Zoo through the eyes of our visitors."

You can purchase the calendar at the Utica Zoo gift shop for $9.99. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the animal lover in your family or circle of friends.

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