When it comes to washing your towels, how do you determine when it should be washed? Do you just consistently wash them after using them a certain amount of times, do you wait for it to stink? What's your criteria?

Someone asked an expert, and the number of times you can use the same towel before you wash it is three times! After that, you're just rubbing bacteria and mold all over yourself.

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According to the expert, bacteria and mold start growing each time the towel gets damp. When you hang it up to dry, the bacteria doesn't stop growing. It slows the process down but doesn't stop it.

Three uses only applies if you hang it up to dry as soon as you're done with the shower. That doesn't include tossing it on the floor, leaving it on the edge of the bed, etc. If you do either of those things, it actually only allows one or two uses.

I'm guilty - I'm one of those people who waits until it starts to smell. After finding out this information, I'm going home and washing all my towels. Yuck.

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