Disinfecting wipes are a convenient way to sanitize surfaces but do not flush them, throw them in the trash.

As the coronavirus continues to spread across CNY, we're doing our best to stop the spread and keep our family safe by disinfecting everything. Still, we must dispose of the paper towels and wipes in the trash to prevent problems with pipes, sewers, and treatment plants.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente reminds residents to practice proper hygiene, wash your hands, clean surfaces, do whatever is necessary for your homes and business that are open:

We put a statement out to the water treatment plant, regarding  'do not flush the disposable wipes,' we do not need another health issue on top of what we're dealing with, and that causes problems through the system that is filtering our water and handling the sewage system.

Officials across the country are warning residents about the risks of flushing wipes into sewer pipes as they do not disintegrate in water as quickly as toilet paper and can get caught on roots or debris in pipes, causing blockages and overflows. Wipes can also cause significant damage to wastewater treatment equipment.

So continue to clean and disinfect, when you're done throw the wipes and paper towels in the trash.

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