The city of Utica has lent its name to several items known around the world. Let's take a look at the 5 most memorable.

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    Utica Club

    Utica Club, brewed at the West End brewery in Utica is touted as being the first beer sold after the lifting of Prohibition. The beer that bears Utica's name is also responsible for giving us the world's best known Spoke-steins, Schultz & Dooley.


     Utica Club is a premium pilsener-lager made from the finest natural ingredients and aged to perfection right here at our family-owned brewery. U.C. was the first beer licensed for sale at the end of prohibition and quickly grew to become a legend among beer lovers all across the country...its popularity fueled in part by the television exploits of famous U.C. "spokesmugs" Schultz and Dooley.

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    Utica Crib

    The Utica Psychiatric Center on Court Street gave Utica its most infamous namesake product, the Utica Crib. Invented here and used at psychiatric institutions throughout the 1800s, the Utica Crib looks like a standard child's crib but it's sized for an adult and can be locked to confine patients.

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    Utica Shale

    The issue of hyrofracking is an almost daily mention in the news. The Utica Shale, the name of a layer of rock is at the process of obtaining fossil fuels. The Utica shale covers a large portion of upstate New York and was named for the city of Utica as it was first discovered near here.

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    The Union Suit

    Undoubtedly, you remember old movies or cartoons showing with a man wearing long underwear with the 'backflaps.' That style of undergarment is called the union suit, and they were invented in Utica

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    Jenny McCartney's short lived NBC show Jenny was set in Utica. Jenny's character was a convenience store clerk when she found out her estranged father left her with a fortune. She decides to move to Hollywood to pursue fame and fortune. The series aired just 10 episodes during the 1997 season.

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