Finding food in America that is 100 percent vegan can be a bit of a challenge. There's a lot of looking at labels to make sure there is no hidden dairy, meat, eggs or fish in the food. I've been a vegan for well over 5 years, so, I have become somewhat of an expert at finding food that is vegan. In some places around the world, people eat an almost fully vegetarian diet. And, it's this food from these places around the world that don't eat meat that tends to be my favorite.

Speaking of great food from around the world--you'll have a chance to try delicious international food at Culture Fest--A Festival of Nations, happening on April 13. So, today, in honor of Culture Fest, I would like to share with you my Top 5 Favorite Vegan Food from Around the World.

Chana Masala

This dish is native to India. The ingredients are chick peas, onions, tomatoes, and a lot of spices. If you've never tried it, here's a recipe.

Vegetable Sushi

Sushi is native to Japan. Yes, when people think of sushi, they automatically think of fish. But, you can get vegan sushi. It's simply made with vegetables instead of fish.


Kimchi is a traditional dish from Korea. It's made from cabbage. It's delicious. I have not tried to make it at home yet. However, if you want to make it, here's how you do it. (Be careful, vegans--most kimchi is made with fish sauce. The recipe below is a vegan recipe.)


One of my favorite things to make and eat is hummus. Hummus is native to the Middle East. If you've never made hummus, it's so, so, so easy.

Meatless Pho

This soup (Pho) is from Vietnam. In this recipe, the chef uses Miracle Noodles. I have no idea what Miracle Noodles are or if they are vegan.

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