Some Central New Yorker's find the idea of a no meat wing preposterous, but Strong Hearts Cafe and their loyal vegan clientele in Syracuse begs to differ.

Central New Yorker's are passionate about our local favorites: Riggies, greens, half-moons, and yes chicken wings. There's reason we're so fervent about our food; it's delicious!

But where do vegan's find a meatless alternative with lots of Central New York flavor? The answer is Strong Heart's Cafe in Syracuse. This petite restaurant features menu options like the: Spicy Tofu Scramble, "Egg's" Benetricked, and Quinoa Lentil Salad.

Oh, they also make meatless wings, and they're bringing their dish to the Great New York State Fair.  Lauren Long, from has been going behind the scenes with various State Fair cooks; this time she caught up with Strongheart's chef, Bill Crate.


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