Victoria Beckham, largely known as a fashion designer, as opposed to a pop star at this stage of the game, covers the June issue of the German edition of Interview with a mission: To disprove the notion that she’s miserable because she pouts sourly in photos.

The cover image finds Vic covering that famous frown with a blue-bound copy of ‘The Longest Journey.’ Burying her nose and her mouth in a book, while dressed in black and white stripes and leather? How unfashionista of her. She’s also seated on lush green grass, obscuring that famous mouth AGAIN, this time with her own hand.

The designer has been residing with hubby David Beckham and their brood of four in L.A. for several years, making us almost forget she is a Brit. See, there’s so many pre-conceived notions and misconceptions about the woman once known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls. She just wants to clear up the idea that her pesky “I’m miserable” persona carries over into real life.

She stated, “Yes, I created this persona and I’m very different from that. I don’t feel like I have to scream and shout about it — I know I am a happy person.” (Quotes courtesy of The Sun.) She just doesn’t show it with a grin in photos, instead opting for that glum, signature pose.

It doesn’t bother her when the press focuses on her lack of smile, saying, “So I don’t get upset when people comment on the fact that I look quite miserable all the time.” Even so, the perception remains pervasive.

“But people think I am. And you know, sometimes I think the same thing when I look at the pictures,” she admitted.

That was a little flash of her cheeky British humor. She further displays her propensity for jokes, something someone truly miserable wouldn’t be able to do. When musing about the Spice Girls reign of fame, she said, “Was music my talent really? No, I don’t think I was particularly talented.”

But she doesn’t diss her Spice Sisters, saying, “With the other girls, the five of us all really worked together. But talented? I sound a bit odd to myself.”

See, Victoria Beckham is not miserable. She just looks it in photos.

This issue of Interview drops May 31.

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