Everything you have ever known about keeping your child's car seat in the front seat is changing, that is according to Volvo. They have released a photo on their Twitter showing a brand new concept that has some parents scratching their heads.

This seems like an idea that has obviously been given a lot of thought, but many people still have concerns. One of the safety concerns about keeping a child seat in the front seat is the danger of airbags. Volvo has accounted for that. According to TODAY,

The new concept involves removing the front passenger seat and replacing it with a raised platform outfitted with child-safety seat that can swivel and then lock in place in a rear-facing position. When the infant or toddler is buckled in, he or she can choose to babble at the driver or at passengers in the backseat.

One of the coolest features of this new concept is a heated cup holder to keep a baby's bottle warm! What do you think? Should car seats stay in the back seat?

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