Is owning a weinermobile your dream? Here's your chance to make it come true.

Have you dreamed of driving a giant weiner down the road, windows open, wind blowing through your hair? Dreams really can come true.

There are two weinermobiles for sale right now, on an online site called kaijiji. According to the listing, the company in charge of operating the vehicles for Oscar Meyer Canada has gone bankrupt, so the vehicles are now for sale.


If you're interested, you'll have to take a road trip to Calgary, Canada - because the seller can't ship these.

Matt (the seller) says you can call him anytime at 250-329-9786 ask about "the big wiener for sale". Text or call 587-896-5908 if first number isn't working.

You'd better act fast, Matt says he's getting 100 calls an hour.

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