There's now a warning being issued across New York for those with Solar Eclipse Glasses.

New York is about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event. Health and governmental officials are urging residents to not stare directly at the sun without proper eyewear like eclipse glasses. However, did you buy a real pair that'll work, or a fake one that could cause damage to your eyes?

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The Warning- Watch Out For Fake Solar Glasses

Watch out for fake Solar eclipse glasses – that from New York Attorney General Letitia James. James says to look for an ISO certification mark on viewing glasses, which will ensure they are safe to use during the eclipse. Those found selling counterfeit glasses should be reported to the AG’s office. James is also warning of last-minute hotel cancellations due to the influx of spectators expected to descend upon the state. In the event of price gouging and service disruptions, report that to the AG’s office.

How To Spot Fake Glasses

fake solar eclipse glasses
American Astronomical Society

From WITF:

"Counterfeit eclipse glasses from China that are printed with “Mfg. by: American Paper Optics,” a U.S. company. Bottom: Real eclipse glasses from American Paper Optics. (These are representative designs; most manufacturers of eclipse glasses make them with a wide variety of artwork on the front.) Notice that the lenses in the counterfeit glasses are black and have straight left and right edges, while the lenses in the genuine APO glasses are reflective and have curved left and right edges. Courtesy American Paper Optics and the American Astronomical Society."

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How To Test If Solar Eclipse Glasses Are Fake

According to the AAS, certified glasses will prevent you from seeing anything except very bright lights, and even those should appear very faint. When you are inside, you shouldn’t be able to see anything, and if you’re outside, only the light of the sun should be visible.

"Experts say that if you have eclipse glasses from a previous eclipse, make sure that no obvious damage has occurred in the time since if you want to use them again. Glasses created since the ISO standard was introduced in 2015 are generally regarded as safe to use again."

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Also, look for the following:

"How do you know if your eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewers are truly safe? You need to know that they meet the ISO 12312-2 (sometimes written as ISO 12312-2:2015) international safety standard. Filters that are ISO 12312-2 compliant not only reduce visible sunlight to safe and comfortable levels but also block all but a tiny fraction of solar UV and IR radiation."

When You Shouldn't Wear Solar Eclipse Glasses Just Normally

With the exception of complete totality, it is never safe to look directly at the sun. Even with fewer sun rays making it down to our part of the planet, you can still end up with permanent eye damage as a result.

If you're behind the wheel and want to glance up at the eclipse, don't. Even at a red light or stop sign, authorities from many states warn that this action is dangerous.

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They Aren't Sun Glasses

Keep in mind that solar eclipse glasses are designed to allow you to stare at the sun safely. In order to do that, the filters must meet certain requirements.

Those same filters also make everything incredibly dark while looking through them. So much so that it significantly affects your vision should you choose to wear them while driving.

Solar eclipse glasses are not meant to be worn as sunglasses, nor are they meant to be worn behind the wheel. And it's because of this that you absolutely should not wear them while driving.

What To Avoid With Your Solar Eclipse Glasses

Honestly, this should be common sense, but here we are:

"Ordinary sunglasses (or multiple pairs of sunglasses), neutral density or polarizing filters (such as those made for camera lenses), smoked glass, photographic or X-ray film (unexposed, exposed, or developed), "space blankets," potato-chip bags, DVDs, and any other materials you may have heard about for solar viewing are not safe. "

You can read more tips online here.

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