Ever since you were a kid, you were told to not stare at the Sun. If you stared at the sun during the Solar Eclipse across New York, did you damage your eyes? Here's signs you may have some damage.

The eclipse was only safe to witness with the naked eye during totality, or the period of total darkness when the moon completely covers the sun. 

Did you sneak a peak outside of that? If you didn’t listen to every scientist under the Suns advice, you may now suffer from solar eye damage, or solar retinopathy.

What Is Solar Retinopathy?

The Cleveland Clinic defines solar retinopathy as damage to your retina from looking directly at the sun or other bright lights like laser pointers.

What Are Signs And Symptoms?

1) Blurred vision

2) Sensitivity and color distortion.

3) You may see temporary “floaters” or “flashers” in your vision.

4) Watery eyes.

5) Headaches and sensitivity to light.

6) Eye pain.

7) A blind spot in vision.

8) Straight lines appearing warped and rounded, or certain objects appearing smaller than they really are.

"Mild cases can heal on their own, within one to six months, says Cleveland Clinic. Serious damage may be irreversible. If you think you may have solar retinopathy, you should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist."

What Happens If You Have Solar Retinopathy?

If you have damaged retina(s), your vision might seem different for a while. If you’re diagnosed with mild solar retinopathy, your symptoms should improve without treatment. You can also expect to have a few appointments with your eye care specialist to ensure the damage to your retina is improving. You can read more online here.

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