The Polar Vortex is gripping the U.S. and we need to respect Mother Nature. Lots of strange things can occur when the temperatures drop way down.

According to scientists and health professionals, here are 7 Odd Things That Happen to Our Bodies in Extreme Cold:

1. Cold weather immediately redirects blood away from your extremities, and toward your vital organs. That's why your hands and feet tend to feel cold first.

2. Goosebumps. We humans don't have much body hair, so the tiny muscles around your hair follicles contract, and we get...goosebumps.

3. You start to shiver, in a sort of natural self-defense mechanism to generate heat.

4. You start feeling confused, a sign of hypothermia, when your body temperature drops to about 95 degrees.

5. You eventually stop shivering, a sign of SEVERE hypothermia.

6. Your skin and the tissue under it literally start to freeze, which is frostbite. It can happen in just five minutes in sub-zero temps. Make sure to wear a hat, because your EARS are most susceptible.

7. You can literally go blind. When your body temperature falls far enough, blood vessels in your eyes contract, which can make you go blind temporarily.

So, to quote a famous line from the old TV series Hill Street Blues, "Let's be careful out there." Or, better yet, let's just stay in.

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