Shia LaBeouf is without a doubt one of the most interesting actors in Hollywood. He has been through controversies, has angered co-stars, and yet he still delivers unbelievable performances in some very good films. Now, he is adding to his oddity resume with a new film experiment.

From now until some time on November 12th, you can tune into a live stream of the actor watching his own films in reverse chronological order, 24 hours a day. He is doing this at the Angelika Film Center on 18 West Houston Street in New York City. Not only is he sitting in the theater watching, occasionally getting up from his seat, but you can see other people watching and participating with him. He has already been at it for 10 hours. This may seem strange, but if you watch for even just a little while, it's pretty interesting. After all, Shia is an interesting dude! The stream is through the website Newhive and you can react to this using #AllMyMovies.

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