Central New York's Ethan Harris is off to Hollywood, joining Kaitlyn Jackson of Norwich. We caught up with Ethan this morning to talk about his Idol journey and what's next.

Ethan Harris Talks with Tad & Polly

Ethan's American Idol  audition of 'You'll Think of Me' earned him a golden ticket and had Harry Connick Jr. 'digging it' and Keith Urban 'dug it too.'

Keith called Harris the 'lost Osmond brother' as he walked into his Detroit audition.

Ethan had Keith's vote before he even opened his mouth to sing when he told Keith 'I'm a big Keith Urban fan.' He got Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Lopez's vote after singing and America's vote too.

Music isn't Ethan's only talent. He graduated from MVCC with an illustration degree and showed off his work of Keith Urban, which Keith signed. Ethan has also drawn pictures of Kellie Pickler, James Wesley and Taylor Swift. By the looks of his work, he has something to fall back on if the singing career doesn't work out, but we have a feeling he won't need a plan B.

Ethan Harris

Ethan says his musical influences are Keith Urban, Hunter Hayes, who he's met before, and Taylor Swift.

Ethan Harris

Ethan has come a long way since performing the National Anthem at FrogFest in 2012. We sure hope we can have him back this year to take the stage.

Ethan was in the studio this past April to talk about his audition on The X-Factor.


We're pulling for you Ethan and we'll be watching your Idol journey.

GO ETHAN! #TeamEthanHarris

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