The latest "Utica" drone video includes footage of MVCC, the parkway, and a distant, yet impressive view of downtown.

When's the first time you heard the word "drone?" It certainly sounds futuristic doesn't it? Here's the official definition according to

  1. an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate autonomously, without human control or beyond line of sight:
    the GPS of a U.S. spy drone.
  2. (loosely) any unmanned aircraft or ship that is guided remotely:
    a radio-controlled drone.

We've heard a lot of negative about drones lately, but we still think they're pretty cool unless they're breaking the law or invading your privacy. Enjoy this flight over Port St.Lucie, Florida and Utica, New York.

Here's a snapshot of some of the footage from the video.

jspoons 20/YouTube

Watch the video in its entirety, because there's a really cool distant shot of the Utica skyline at the very end.