Fortunately we don't live in a wild wild west society where everyone has to carry a gun to protect their cattle, but it's clear by this story that there are crime ridden neighborhoods in America where shop owners should be armed. Here is one of those stories.

An alleged would be robber came into the R&J Laundromat and demanded money from the owner, 90 year-old George Hicks. Now George lives and works in a rough neighborhood near Dayton Ohio and he's been in this situation before. So, he grabbed his gun and chased the robber out the door and then called 911.
WKEF/WGRT Fox 45 Reports:

Hicks, the laundromat owner, said this isn't the first time he has been targeted. Back in 2010 he was beat up and robbed inside his business.

The story also features the story of Tome Mauro, another nearby business owner, who has found himself in the same situation.
Perhaps an increase in police surveillance of this neighborhood is needed.

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