We can all agree that - taken on the whole - the weather so far this summer hasn't been great. In fact, there's been a LOT of rain. But I'd still pick Central New York over other parts of the country any day.

Yes - we have torrential rain, and maybe even a little flooding, but we don't have sharks chasing us off the beach, like they do in Cape Cod. So there's that. Nothing is going to eat me when I step in a puddle.

So maybe you need to grab an umbrella, but you don't have to worry about a 9 foot anaconda that's evidently on the loose in Long Island. (Turns out they found it already. Oh goody.)

There's no insane heat wave, with temperatures reaching 110. (Okay, so it's going to get a little hot here this weekend - but still.)

We haven't had any hurricanes or tropical storms recently, like they did in Louisiana. And at no point during any flood, have we EVER seen an alligator in the reporter's live shot.

Oh, and we also don't need to worry about meth gators. I realize that's not weather related, but it's apparently a THING in Alabama.

So, in the end, I'd rather sit tight in Central New York - without sharks, meth gators, hurricanes or pythons. I'll be over here under my umbrella.

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