Beth has a way of attracting all creatures great and small--in my case, not so great. Spiders and lady bugs and other insects get close to her, maybe because they know she won't kill them, but will instead try and gently relocate them outdoors.

Also, you may recall the saga of the mouse residing in her SUV. She set up a field camera inside her vehicle to surveil the critter, got the proof she needed, proceeded to capture it, then, during the "relocation process," let it get away. Well, she's done it again. There's something living in the rafters above our office.

We need your help, students of critters and nature experts of Central New York and beyond. Please watch the brief video above and listen to the chirping noises. Are they bats? Rodents? Probably birds, right? If so, what kind? And, what do we do about it?

That ceiling tile we opened happens to be right above my desk in the office Beth and I share at the radio station. How long do we leave that open?


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