Help. Chipmunks are eating my house - and they've got an attitude about it.

Small furry rodents and I have a long and history. There was the mouse that tried to eat my SUV - and my several unsuccessful attempts to catch him (or her.) There were the bats that tried to kill me while I removed the shutters they were apparently living behind. And now, there are chipmunks.

Of course, chipmunks start with an advantage over mice and bats: they're incredibly cute. Which is why I wasn't too concerned when they moved into my front yard beneath the bird feeder, and lived off whatever the birds discarded or splashed onto the ground.

Things got out of hand this winter. 

I admit, I made the mistake of storing the bird seed in the garage. And Chip and Chipwich (yes, I named them - there could be more than two - but they're gonna have to share those names) found it. And apparently got trapped in the garage. And chewed their way out.

Credit: Beth/TSM

Also, they're getting cocky. They give us the stink eye, clean out the birdfeeder, and I'm pretty sure Chip flipped me off when he realized I moved the birdseed out to the shed.

Credit: Beth/TSM

So now I have to Google how to replace the weatherstripping on our garage door, and have a stern conversation with two cocky chipmunks.

Any advice on how to prevent this from happening in the future? Do you have any tiny animal stories? Let me know at