We all know our teenagers experiment with alcohol. Personally I over did it every New Year's Eve when I was 17, 18 and 19. We've all heard that consuming too much alcohol can kill you and now we know alcohol abuse took the life of Amy Winehouse. It has finally been confirmed that the 27-year-old singer actually did die of alcohol poisoning.
When Amy won her Grammy Awards back in 2008, I exclaimed that we shouldn't be rewarding bad behavior because her substance abuses were well know at the time. We could foresee the train-wreck ahead and now we know for certain that Amy Winehouse died as a result of alcohol toxicity.

According to Starcrush;

The cause of death was officially listed as “death by misadventure” — which, although that’s the refined British way of saying someone’s fun caused their demise, weirdly makes it sound like she suffered some tragic mishap during a prank involving a doorstep and a flaming bag of poo.

Coroner Shirley Radcliffe said that Amy Winehouse had five times the legal limit of alcohol in her system. As you know she was a petite woman and all that booze was something that proved fatal. What happens is, and I've warned my teenager, a person’s nervous system is so suppressed that he or she is likely to “fall asleep and not wake up.” It appears that's what happened to Amy Winehouse, tragically.