You know it's not you (although that would be nice, wouldn't it?) But who really is the richest person in New York? And how did they get their wealth - was it earned or born into? Well, Forbes has the answer for us!

David Koch - the Wealthiest Man in New York State - 2015
Photo by: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment

Forbes recently did a story about the richest person in every state. Almost every state had a billionaire as their richest person - six states on the list only had millionaires (but that was still in the hundred-million dollar level). The richest man on the list (and the richest man in the world) was from Washington. Can you figure it out yet? Here's a hint: Microsoft... That's right, Bill Gates held the top spot with 78.8 billion dollars.

The lowest one on the list - bringing in the least amount of money (but still bringing in more money than I'll ever see in my lifetime), was Robert Gillam, an investor from Alaska. He's the richest person in Alaska at 320 million dollars.

So how did New York do? Who is the richest person in our state? Well according to Forbes that spot belongs to...

David Koch [who] shares control of $115 billion (sales) Koch Industries with his older brother Charles. America’s second largest private company, Koch Industries has interests in oil pipelines, refineries, building materials, paper towels and Dixie cups, and made more than $5 billion in acquisitions in 2014...

Forbes ranked him as fourth on the list - with his actual wealth being 42.7 billion dollars. Let that sink in for a moment... more than 42 billion dollars! That's more money than I can even imagine!

The list included people who made their wealth in a variety of areas including hotels, oil, tires, medical devices, stockholders, and even online companies (the founder of eBay was on the list).



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