If you ever travel the country, you'll notice some words don't mean the same thing in one state compared to the next. Here's five words that mean something different if you're from New York.

Welcome to New York State Sign
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1 - Thousand Islands

What it's Not: A salad dressing

What it is: A place. Thousands of islands in the St. Lawrence River - and a very beautiful spot to spend the day, or vacation at.


2 - Party Store

What it's Not: A convenience store.

What it is: A store that carries party supplies. Items include balloons, banners, decorative napkins and plates, confetti, and such.


3 - New York City

What it's Not: The definition of New York.

What it is: A big city located in the southern-most areas of the state of New York. That's it. New York is more than just New York City (I've said it a million times, and I'll say it a million more).


4 - Nasty

What it's Not: something gross or disgusting.

What it is: Something cool. A word used to describe something amazing, usually music or sports, or any other subject that someone can excel at - more than good and more than great.

  • Example: "Did you see that slapshot? Man, that was nasty!"

(which means it was ridiculously amazing, not bad).


5 - Elephant Ears

What it's Not: A fried delicious treat you get at fairs and carnivals.*

What it is: Things attached to an elephant that allows them to hear.

*And no... Elephant ears are not the same thing as 'Fried Dough,' or 'Funnel Cake.' There's a difference.




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