Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel goes where the wind blows him, or the rain, sleet and snow in this case. He's live in Syracuse's Clinton Square today.

Cantore tells Syracuse.com, 'It's amazing to me how uninterrupted you all are.'

Cantore talked to the Mayor Stephanie Miner, on upstate New Yorkers and their winter preparedness.

In between his live shots, Cantore took time to meet his fans and offer advice.


Cantore may be back Thursday, depending on the amount of snow we see. 'We might go to south if (producers) want to see more snow. Maybe in the hills in Oneonta and the Catskills,' he says.

You'd think a guy like Cantore, who's seen all types of weather Mother Nature has to offer, wouldn't bother with a little snow in our neck of the woods. The ice storm in Watertown in 98 or the recent storm in Buffalo; now THOSE are storms! 12 inches won't stop us. It's just another winter day in central New York.

There are a few schools letting out early today and cancelling after school activities. We'll keep you posted as more come in and tomorrow morning, when more could be delayed or closed.