Central New York grocer Wegmans has announced that their DeWitt location will soon be offering single-serve wine and beer at its in-store Burger Bar. That made us wonder: what other Central New York establishment or activity should offer adult beverages?

Assuming we take the appropriate safety precautions...we don't want anyone driving when they shouldn't be...here are our suggestions for places that should offer beer and wine:

  • Target - For some of us, Target is basically a mini-vacation. It's already impossible to get out of Target without spending more than you planned, so why not add a nice glass of wine to make the whole experience a little more enjoyable? They'll just have to add a cup holder to the shopping carts.
  • Herb Phillipson's - You can already buy all sorts of camping and hunting equipment at Herb's. Wouldn't a beer just add to the whole 'man cave' vibe?
  • Your Favorite Salon - Say it with me ladies: yes. A pedicure and a glass of pinot grigio? Yes, please.
  • PTA Meetings - Wouldn't the latest discussion about fundraising be so much more fun? And all your girlfriends are already there.
  • Kids' Activites - At a dance competition for 12 hours? How about baseball? Soccer? A nice cold beer might make that go a little quicker. We probably want to keep the alcohol away from the hockey moms, though - you guys are having enough fun.
  • Staff Meetings - If you're going to be 'thinking outside the box' why shouldn't that be a box of wine? It might make your annoying co-worker a little more bearable.

Why should Wegman's be the only store that offers its patrons the chance to enjoy a glass of wine or beer? So many activities could be enhanced by an adult beverage...and if you don't drink, a nice cheeseburger couldn't hurt either.

Where would you like to see beer and wine served?



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