There are some jobs every country has, such as a cook, a farmer and a shopkeeper. Then, there are some jobs that are unique to specific cultures. The Chinese happen to have a bunch of seriously weird jobs. So if you’re looking for some new work, these jobs might be for you!

Chinese Flag

The list from includes:

  • White Guys In Suits- In order for businessmen to look like they're big shots in the global economy, they hire Caucasian actors to wear nice suits to walk into and out of their offices.
  • Standing In Line For Other People- Chinese people hire others to stand in line for them at a cost of only three dollars per hour.
  • The "Granny Police"- The Communist government of China has mobilized old ladies, given them red armbands and empowered them to keep an eye on the citizens. It’s an older “Big Brother”

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What's the most unusual job you've ever had? What's the most unusual job you've ever heard of?

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