My wife and I are always looking for a dependable babysitter. We're in this childcare thing alone. Not to sound needy but, we have no grandparents, brothers, sisters or any family at all in the Utica area. When we do find a sitter, she's off to college within a few months. It can be a very taxing job especially when we remember that the life of our child will be in the hands of a 'stranger' when we are away. You have heard news of children mistreated by babysitters from time to time and we don't want that. So far we've been fortunate.

Now who wouldn't want to hang out with this guy from time to time, huh? For those who are in the search of a babysitter, do your homework. What we do is start looking for a babysitter early to prevent a last minute rush. We're now looking for August help. Try to get as much information as possible from the potential babysitter like background information and the experience the candidate has in babysitting and remember to look for the following qualities when interviewing; sense of responsibility, honesty, competence and a positive mind. Plus, always talk with the sitter's parents. Don't be shy,  find out what their hourly rate is and  move on if it's unreasonable.

Well I hope these suggestions help you in your search and if you could, please comment. What is a fair hourly rate for a good sitter? Thanks.