A Westernville couple was mugged at gunpoint after leaving Varick Street following Saranac Thursday. Saranac Thursday brings crowds of people to Utica to enjoy the Brewery and the Varick Street entertainment. It appears the crowds may have drawn a criminal element to the area. 

I am posting this "HEADS UP" message to remind you to stay aware of what is around you.
A friend of mine and his wife were jumped by a group of five black juveniles on their way back to their car after attending Saranac Thursday last week. They displayed a hand gun and took turns beating him when he refused to give them money.
I went to visit him in the hospital today and he has a broken hip and clavicle and will be in the hospital for therapy for several more weeks.
Fortunately, it was recorded on video and two of the worthless (expletive) have been caught so far.
Park in safe areas, travel in groups if possible and keep your head up.

Utica Police Lt. Bryan Coromato confirmed to Lite 98.7 that the attack took place on August 3rd on Sunset Avenue near the Hirt playground at approximately 10:45 pm. He says the department is actively investigating the incident. Lt. Coromato also says the Utica police are investigating whether there is a connection between this assault and the one that took place on the Erie Canal Trail recently.

Between this attack and the gangs reported on the Erie Canal Trail, do you feel safe in certain parts of Utica? What steps do you take to ensure your safety?



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