Two episodes into its second season, Westworld remains a muddled labyrinth of timelines, twists, and strategic teasers, but this time around, it seems, it's showing its cards early — so early, in fact, that it may have already spoiled its endgame. (Spoilers, obviously, to follow).

Viewers learned in the premiere that Delos has been secretly logging guests' experiences and DNA, a suspicious practice that could fall anywhere from sort of shady to full-on diabolical. On the lighter end of the spectrum, Delos could be using the information as a tool of manipulation: As William told his father-in-law, the park is the "the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are," and given that its free-range debauchery almost always leads to sex and murder, it's not difficult to see how that could lend itself to blackmail. Unethical, yes, but not exactly maniacal.

On the darker (and more probable) end, though, it could signal something much more sinister. Bernard is walking proof that a host can be made into an indistinguishable replica of a human being, and if Delos has copies of every visitor's DNA, they could assumedly do the same for the park's richest and most powerful players — which is, incidentally, exactly what happens in the sequel to the 1973 movie upon which the show is based. Replace world leaders with under-their-control androids, and Delos could essentially have free reign of the whole world.

Aside from the fact that this theory flat out makes sense, there is, also, plenty of mounting evidence. In Sunday night's episode, "Reunion," William at one point asks Dolores if she wants to "see" his real plans, and later, Dolores says an "old friend" showed her something he shouldn't have. Redditor funkandwild postulates that this means William took her to the first genetics lab in the park — like the one Bernard and Charlotte took refuge in — and revealed his scheme to replace guests with hosts in the real world.

The twist? Dolores is now using that insider knowledge to take guests' DNA and upload it to her own host army. That's why all the host bodies were washed up on shore: 1) They no longer need them and 2) It served as a diversion. It's also why Bernard thinks he killed all of the hosts: He was programmed to stay behind and discard the no-longer-needed bodies, but just doesn't remember how and why. Lastly, it ties into part of one of Teddy's loops in Season 1, which mentioned Wyatt forced his — or in Dolores' case, her — followers to "wear the flesh of their enemies" (a.k.a. humans). That's their way out of the park.

If this proves true, Season 2 will be a battle between Delos and Dolores to see who can get to the DNA first. And knowing Westworld, all bets are on the androids.

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