From July to August, kids across Central New York are headed to summer camp - days full of fishing and hiking, and nights made of s'mores and campfires.

Why aren't there adult summer camps?

Imagine mom, a couple of weeks full of wine-tasting, or binge watching? Where's our Downton Abbey binge-watching camp? How about Fixer Upper decorating camp - days spent with ship lap and antique shops, and nights filled with...sleep.

Guys, what about hunting camp, or beer camp, or sports camp - where you don't actually DO the sports, but you sit around with buddies and WATCH the sports.

What about a camp where you just do nothing?

Maybe you're thinking that camp sounds a lot like vacation - to which I say - you are mistaken. Summer camp requires no thought on the part of the camper - vacation, on the other hand, requires logistics and planning and packing on the part of the adults. Don't you just wanna throw some shorts in a bag and have someone else worry about the details - like food and accommodations?

I'm just saying - there's definitely an opportunity here - just make sure you write your name in your underwear.



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