December always seem to go especially fast  thanks to the holidays.  With all that extra shopping to do this month, there are some ways to save some cash.  What are the best and the worst things to buy before Christmas? 

The best things to buy before Christmas:

1.  Toys (mid December is the best time, so you're in luck)

2.  Tools and hardware

3.  Gift cards.  Many businesses offer free gift cards when you purchase one for the holidays.


The worst things to buy before Christmas:

1.  Jewelry.  Does this mean we have to wait until Valentine's Day for something sparkly?

2.  Electronics.  This one surprised me.  I would've thought the prices would be great for Christmas, but according to Fox News, they are not.

3.  Christmas decorations.  I have to disagree with this one.  Last night I found beautiful Christmas decorations at a big box store for 70% off.

4.  Wall calendars.  The reason is pretty obvious.  Wait until 2014 starts and you'll see the prices drop big time.