When you're on one of New York's many college campuses, you learn all the do's and don'ts. Don't leave your laundry in the washer too long, do clean up your stuff in the dorm kitchen.

And if you're at Keuka College, whatever you do, don't flamingo. 

Yeah, we've never heard of that either. Neither has Urban Dictionary. Even Google is a little inconsistent - suggesting we could be talking about a ban on one-legged selfies or the practice of covering a neighbor's yard in pink lawn ornaments.

Not so much. 

When we saw a sign hanging in the dorm's hallway, with a list of pretty typical dorm demands (keep your music down, be respectful) "NO FLAMINGO-ING" stood out. We had to ask our very nice tour guide what it meant.

Apparently, "FLAMINGO-ING" refers to two girls sharing a shower stall (this was an all-girl dorm.) And that's a no-no at Keuka College.

Why would a college on a lake be opposed to water conservation? Isn't that environmentally responsible?

Oh, wait a second...



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