just released the results of a survey where they tried to connect people's pets to their careers. So if you’re a dog lover you may be in luck!


 CNN ran this story and I think its funny, and some truth to it. Here’s the results.

Dogs:  People with dogs are most likely to have a senior management position, be professors, nurses, military professionals, or entertainers.

Snakes or reptiles:  Snake owners are the most likely to earn six-figure salaries. Weird right? Engineers, social workers, and police officers are fans of snakes.

Birds:  Bird owners report the highest job satisfaction.  Common jobs are advertising, sales reps, construction workers, and administrative professionals. All I want is a parrot!

Cats:  cat owners are physicians, real estate agents, machine operators, and caretakers.

Fish:  The most popular jobs for fish owners are in human resources, financial, farming, fishing and forestry, and transportation. Odd Fishing is listed right?

What pet do you have?