There is nobody better when it comes to creating awesome activities to do in the winter and snow than the Canadians. At Arrowhead Provincial Park in the Muskoka Forest lies a trail a little less than a mile long that is nothing but sheer ice. That's right, it's a trail for ice skating. The big question is where and when could we put something like this in Central New York?

There is no question that we could find a number of locations in the Adirondacks for something like this, and we should, but there are a number of spots this could work locally. For starters we have that multi-purpose 840 trail that people love to walk, bike, and run on during the spring, summer, and fall. Why not put an ice skating trail there? The Utica Zoo already offers snow shoeing, why not add something like this to view the animals? We have so many beautiful and scenic areas in Utica, Rome, and beyond. Certainly we can find a spot for something as cool as this. People love to ice skate so why not move it outdoors so people can see nature in a new and exciting way?

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