I'll be honest, up until yesterday, I'd never heard of "WatchFire." Is this something people do while roasting marshmallows at Lake Delta?  No, and it has way more meaning.

Yesterday, I received an education about this Memorial Day tribute from a Vietnam Veteran.  Now I'm convinced this may be one of the single most special and purposeful commemorations in Central New York.

The watchfire comes from the military tradition that following a battle or long march, a large fire would be started so those missing or lost could locate and rejoin their comrades.

On Sunday May 24th at the New York State Fairgrounds, hundreds will gather to remember those who fought for our freedom. The ceremony will include a large fire and a respectful flag burning (to dispose of torn and tattered American Flags.)  Lite 98.7's technician and veteran, Bob Plunkett will be attending the event. He told me that officiators are hoping that service men and women stationed overseas will be able to view satellite images (taken from outer space) of the fire. The flames will remind our troops that we're thinking about them and that they will be guided home safely.

Veterans and non-veterans alike are invited to be a part of this meaningful ceremony. The event starts at dusk at Veterans Memorial WatchFire Park in Syracuse. Food and beverage vendors will be on site. Come on out to honor our brave men and women who faithfully served our nation.