Kids have it all these days, don't they? The internet at their fingertips, smartphones, social media, apps... But is it more of a curse, than a blessing?

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It's easy to say the kids of today get spoiled with all the gadgets, and all that technology has to offer, but are they really getting spoiled or do they actually have more to deal with these days?

Think about it. Everything is everywhere on social media, on TV, and online. If a young teenager posts on Facebook about getting in trouble at school (or even posting an embarrassing picture), it's there forever. One simple post could haunt them for the rest of their lives. Posting something stupid when you're younger could affect your life later - whether it's getting a job, or networking and making new friends.

Not only that, but teenagers and young adults now have to deal with 'cyber-bullying,' which is proving to be quite a problem. Sure, there has always been bullying, but these days people can hide behind a keyboard and say whatever they want. It's almost if they feel invincible because they're safe in their home or wherever, so they can say and do things without the consequences of actually saying it to someone's face.

How is all this online social interaction affecting teenagers when it comes to face-to-face conversations? Are they losing the ability to have regular human interaction - keep conversations going? If this is the case, there's going to be trouble down the road. No matter what job you hold, the majority of people have to deal with other people on a daily basis. Will the latest generations be able to handle that?

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People in their 20s and younger are faced with more anxiety, than ever seen before. Is technology to blame? Or is it just an escape-goat? Are people just looking for something to blame for why everything is changing?

Maybe technology is making life easier for the latest generations. With information just a click away, anything anyone could ever need to know is available. It's right there! What about comparing prices when shopping for that first car? It's easy, quick, and young adults won't have to deal with the 'live and learn' method. Same with pretty much any decision in life - the latest generations can learn from other people's mistakes, instead of making the mistakes for themselves and learning from them.

But does the trade-off really balance out? Let us know what you think! Do you think the latest generation has it easier because of technology, or are their lives more difficult?




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