The debate is on! Which is better to have during the holiday season - a real Christmas tree, or is an artificial tree the way to go?

Christmas tree farm
Evan Sharboneau/ThinkStock

If you're like most families during the holidays, this becomes a hot topic - whether to get a real tree or not. If you've had a real Christmas tree and an artificial tree at any point, you know there are some good things about each one, and obviously some bad things about both. But which one is better? Which one has more good than bad?

Nothing can beat the look of a real Christmas tree. There's no 'fluffing' out the branches to make it look fuller. The biggest problem with a real tree though, is probably all the pine needles that get all over the house (seriously, how do they end up in the bathroom?!) That, and getting poked all the time trying to get the decorations on the tree (and taking them down after the holidays).

What about an artificial tree? Well first of all, there are no pine needles to deal with. But artificial trees look fake - the branches just don't seem to fill up enough. That's like the only part that's bad about an artificial tree. When the holidays are over, taking care of the tree is a piece of cake. What else is an artificial tree missing? The 'pine' smell. Apparently, you can buy stuff to spray on an artificial tree to make it smell like a real tree, but it's not the same.

So what do you think? Which is better to have - a real Christmas tree or an artificial one? Let us know by voting in the poll below:




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